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The Bio-Registry refers to a extensive database that holds all former biological information of all full-body cyborgs in the Tonahon expanse.

For all registered beings within Tonahon jurisdiction, before undergoing Full Body Cyborg conversions, are required to submit an extensive pre-biological report to be added to a secure Bio-Registry.


The Bio-Registry was created as a means of both storing life-saving medical data for Full-Body Cyborgs and aid Law Enforcement and Legal conflicts. While all Legal and Criminal records are easily transferred and tied to this Bio-Registry, the biological information the registry is named after requires a specific and unique procedure from verified medical practices. Any Bio-Registry per-examination submitted by a medical establishment not vetted by the Tonahon, will not be accepted.

Due to the body is being shed entirely (depending on the owner's request) they're put through the a rigorous physical breakdown of the components of the body. This includes tests of physical strength, stamina, body measurements, every surface print, retina pattern mapping, dental imprint, reproductive samples, karyotyping, and a month long active blood panel. The process is intended to have as much possible information such that any complications that arrive later Or if possible, to re-print biological parts.

While criticized for being invasive, having such an extensive record of the body has helped many full body cyborgs treat future complications and hardware rejections that would have been impossible to assess and treat otherwise.


The information gathered by these potentially invasive procedures is kept within the central Tonahon database and is claimed to be among the most well secured database. In addition to this, in order to ensure the safety of those within the registry and prevent potential exploitation the biological registry is only accessible by those that would need that information in their profession and typically fall into two categories.

Medical professionals have access to all pertinent medical information needed to treat the registrant such as blood type and preexisting existing conditions that effect remaining organic tissue. Previous medical information that is considered sensitive will require a release request from the patient's doctor with and the patient's consent. - In the event the Patient is unable to consent and no party can consent in their stead, the lead doctor can make an appeal for the surrender of their sensitive details. This requires making an argument that involves the Patient's ailment, what the intended treatment is, and why the information is pertinent to that treatment.

Law enforcement have access to the database only so far as identifying information. This includes their previous and current registration IDs in their respective governments, and criminal records both before and after the conversion. They have no access to the medical history of the subject without legal justification. If a court case requires this information to be available an application and appeal process will be required to relinquish any sensitive, personal biological information.

While all information is divided into special tiers of access to if any individual perceives certain information to be deemed sensitive outside of the standard sensitivity categories, a case can be made to a court of appeals to seal away unique information for the individual's privacy.

Database Scrubbing

To meet demands made by opponents of the Bio-Registry and reach a compromise, have made it possible to have the Bio-Registry scrubbed of all personal information, indefinitely. Doing so requires revoking Tonahon citizenship completely, a lengthy process that involves relinquishing living space and jobs under the Tonahon Expanse.

An individual may also request their Bio-Registry information be scrubbed upon their death. This can be requested at the time of registration but family members or legal representatives may also invoke this action on their behalf after death.

Non-Tonahon Registrants

For those that received forms of Full-Body Cyberization that were not originally from within the Tonahon expanse, and wish to attain Tonahon citizenship, they will need to undergo a specialized registration process in order to be received fully as Tonahon citizens. This process includes surrendering all and any medical information to the Bio-Registry along with any pertinent criminal records. Knowingly withholding medical and criminal history in this process can result in the loss of their citizenship status and in extreme cases, result in legal action.

While these unregistered individuals won't be barred from Travel or Business within Tonahon borders, private companies may refuse to do business with or out-right refuse services to unregistered full-body cyborgs.



Cyberization without Registration