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Tlacanoch portrait.jpg
Full Name: Tlakanok Ketchikai
AKA: Kale
Pronouns: she/her
Species: Ertakar (Teotkoa)
Hair: none
Eyes: Yellow; golen brown as human
Skin: Dark Gray, Black Stripes; olive as human
Height: 9'3" (282 cm)
Occupation: Soldier
Relatives: Talon (Daughter)
Associates: Xiktali

Considered to be the most successful of the project, Tlakanok is a first generation Teotkoa and one of the most prominent figures of the Ertakar-Human War.


Exceptionally tall build and bulky, dark gray coloration with darker gray striping and yellow eyes. Has visible scars from the old conflicts before the Teotkoa process she never thought important to be reconstructed, a few on her torso, arms and legs and one crossing the torso and neck. Rarely wore clothes apart from protective footgear or ornamental horn pieces.

As a human she stands at about 7'2", with olive skin, no hair, and golden brown eyes. Some of her skin still retains the Ertakar tough texture but with clothing it's mostly unnoticeable.


Stoic and to most, not very social and mostly introverted. Seems to ease up in quiet and small company with few people. Very reserved and measured in actions and choices, but doesn't consider herself a tactician by any means, just careful. Despite her skill in combat she doesn't particularly like nor crave it, instead regards it with a bit of pragmatism, if maybe a bit of distaste from time to time.

After the procedure she experienced much more erratic behavior due to the changes in biochemistry and their psychological effects, which caused her to be intentionally reclusive and withdrawn rather than simply quiet and reserved as before. She did not enjoy the feeling of amplified aggression, even if the residual effects made her a 'better' soldier.


Even before the Teotkoa process, she was an exceptionally skilled fighter, having been involved in interpersonal Ertakar conflicts before the Ertakar-Human War. She had been known for her brutality then, which was amplified moreso in the war and the Teotkoa process that came with it.

After the procedure she gain exceptional endurance & was considered one of the strongest among her peers.

Personal Life

Joined the local military at a young age while uncertain of what to do with her life, her size and strength made many urge her to join, otherwise she would have pursued work in construction. Much of her life was spent being what was most useful and effective for others in to relation to what she was capable of.


Most of her youth and young adult life was spent in the northern territories, there she spent most her time contributing to her group as both hunter and defender, considered among the best of her age and experience. After over a century she felt the need to leave her home and made her way south to experience new things and hopefully make a new home and settle into a far more quiet life and adopt children to raise. She was in her 130's by the time the Human/Erta conflict started, she had only been in the territory for 6 years by this point.

After the war due to her her involvement and effectiveness in the past conflict, other territories did not favor her. This, along with recognizably amoungst humans, was what lead her to be chosen as one of the honorary 'sacrifices' as part of the treaty with the humans to quell the conflict. However, since many were too grateful to her protecting them, instead of killing her they staged a death and hid her life. Given a new identification she lived the rest of her life as a human, as much as she could in her human form.

Due to her longevity she ended up living longer than the average life expectancy than most Ertakar, causing her to move every few decades to not raise suspicion of her lack of aging. Due to her already reclusive nature she didn't keep many contacts from place to place. She continued to live contently alone, taking construction and manual labor jobs where she went. While she never cared for a relationship, she had wanted a child but feared the risks of her.

After spending almost a century as a human she thought it was alright to take the risk of having a child. Unable to adopt due to her status and need to keep low, she thought it prudent to be pregnant herself. There was a chance that her child would inherent a significant amount of her genetic capabilities. She hoped with a human father, if she could conceived, might avoid at least most of her abilities and allow a child to live a normal life. She was able to conceive and have a healthy child however her daughter, talon wasn't completely devoid of her abilities. She raised her daughter to be as normal a human as she could, but didn't keep her own origins from her daughter. When her daughter was 14, she and her daughter were attacked by a insurgence group gaining power at that time. It resulted in her daughter's significant injury and her death.

Now after her death with a surviving daughter, it was exposed to the public that she had been kept alive and in secret, in direct and conscious violation of the treaty between Ertakar and Humans. In addition to that, her daughter was another treaty violation both in that Tlakanok reproduced at all, and that her daughter was not surrendered to the government after displaying Teotkoa attributes. This lead to the catalyst that caused the progression of events leading up to the second war.