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Starship Lollipop

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Starship Lollipop refers to the in-progress comic. This comic is set future most in the universal timeline, after both Pretorians and Cycles.


The comic will follow the adventures of the Starship Lollipop and her crew and the wide expansive of the universe they survive in.


List of characters that appear in the story

Lollipop Crew

Captain Grace Armes - Captain of the the ship, The Lollipop

Paul - Ship's gunner and second in command

Truda - Security and general muscle

Rodgerick - Ship's mechanic

Kitra - Cook

Government Officials

Ehekti - Chief of Staff for the Tonahon government

Side Characters

Daga - Generally famous masked space vigilante

Munin - Old war refugee, companion of Daga



Earth -

Sytous -

Casorek - Not much of a planet left.