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Primary sentient species inhabiting the planet of Di-kal




Their skin is human like, and colors range in varying shades of flesh tones. They hair on the top of their heads, with a slight mane that follows down the back, ending at their mid back. They have no marking or patters naturally, any markings are made through skin staining and tattoos.

Very tall in size, at full raised height the smallest would be around 6' the tallest around 8' and 9' feet, though the latter is rather rare. They could be considered both, bipedal, and quadruped. They often walk around like a bipedal, though when hunting, or running, they move like a quadruped.

Sex and Reproduction



While there are many uses of tattoos in their mixed society, many practices stem from the same roots.

Predator inspired camouflage marking tattoos started centuries ago. Noticing how local predators blended into their environments with patterns effective for the landscape, one clan started tattooing the same patterns on themselves to hide themselves better. Eventually other clans caught onto the trick and started doing the same, as much of the same intent of the patterns could be seen in many other cultures.

Over time for many clans, this morphed into a pack identifier, as the changing times required them to naturally hide less, the tattoos were displayed in different colors and patterns became more stylistic and less natural in appearance.

In current society, the tattoos are a choice and a personal adaptation. While it's culturally common to get the body tattoos when an adult, not all choose to this or many choose to do entirely different patterns or mixed colors. Many more have started to incorporate influences from off-worlders into their tattoos, as their experiences lead them to mix with other societies.


Qytir that rarely participate in such a practice are northern, where the territory did not create a need to camouflage themselves against the backgrounds. Instead many of them painted themselves white in the winter.



Sytous ErtakarMutakarJal-KarHuman
Ehga KeemexBird
Taia Taithal