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Pretorians is the title for a future comic project.


Taking place in an alternate reality earth, the story follows a Civil War in progress, between the East and West territories of the country Istrese.


Below are a list of noteworthy characters in the story, they are separated by the factions they represent.

East Istrese

Munin - Lead protagonist that the story will follow and the first successful subject of the Pretorians project. Due to an error with the initial brain mapping process, Munin no longer has any memory of who he is or his past experiences.

Avis - The second successful Pretorian, he was constructed some time after Munin. His rank before his death was Major.

Mikasi - Former communications and security lead. His rank before death was Corporal.

Pardal - Former Pilot and Ex of Sab. Her rank before death was Captain.

Sab - Sniper and Ex of Pardal. His rank before death was First Lieutenant.

Alice Castillo - General of the Army for East Istrese.

Nathaniel Andrews - The Colonel of Tesca base. His rank is Brigadier General.

Melissa Hadley - Lead doctor and neurosurgeon for the augment and prosthetics division.

West Istrese

Corinth Vacik - Foremost developer of robotics AI and General for the West Istrese Army.

Lux & Tor - Corinth's robotic bodyguards.


Earth - The planet the story takes on, though it is not the Earth we are familiar with

Tesca - The East Istrese base where the Pretorians are stationed on.