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Full Name: Koxiksys
Pronouns: e/en
Species: Ertakar (Teotkoa)
Eyes: Pink
Skin: Different ranges of light blue
Height: 9'3" (282cm)
Associates: Dorren, Esurda, Jesuret, Neijah, Siris, Talon, Xiktali

Commanding officer of the Mutakar team.


Tall and broad, blue and steel in coloration with lighter points with darker steel blue down the back. Bears 2 basic horns and scale patches down es neck and back


Confident, self-assured and self-important, and only cares to interact with those that e feels worthy of es time, to call en aloof would be an understatement. E is also selfish, impatient and petty, though is aware enough to know to hide es more objectionable personality traits around certain company.


Along with the usual benefits of the genetic enhancement all mutakar have, Koxiksys is particularly calculated and deceptive. In combat, e is savage and sadistic, second only to Jesuret in raw power.

Personal Life

Koxiksys has an underlying hatred for Humans e keeps to esif though it's not exactly a well-kept secret. E refuses to use any human language at all and will not answer to any title, article or label that is human in origin. Likewise, e doesn't like nicknames and expects all humans to address en by es full name and title, the only Humans e doesn't impose this expectation upon are Humans with a rank of any kind and those in politics, if only for the fact that e doesn't want to deal with reprimand from es own commanding officer. E is very careful about his conduct around humans if e knows it can have any public or internal backlash, keeping es more objectionable activities where no one can see or report it.

Oddly enough, e is close friends to Jesuret, who e uses quite often as an alibi and as someone to vouch for es character.