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Full Name: Jaisce
Pronouns: he/him
Species: Jal-Kar
Eyes: Orange
Skin: Rust/Brown
Height: 6'4"
Associates: Dameon


His body is covered in brown sleek scales, flecked with blacks and golds. Upon his head, he bares a small crest covered, which is traced by tiny horns that also appear on his eye ridges and jaw.


Rightfully angry about his condition and the events that lead himself and others to this, he's demeanor is generally aggressive and unamused by most things, and very rarely find much humor in things, even in closed company. Justice driven for his personal cause and the cause of others like him, he's aggressive and callous to those that do not see things from his perspective.


Particularly skilled in martial combat, he specializes in techniques that can assist him in dealing with Ertakar opponents. He then taught himself in proficiency with certain exoskeleton armaments and various power suits.

Personal Life

With very few hobbies to speak of, the majority of his life has been spent immersed in rallies and the spread of his 'enlightenment' about the Ertakar. The few ways he spends his time involve musical isolation and logic puzzles.


By the time he was old enough to know and understand the history of how the Jal-Kar came to be, he nurtured a growing disdain for Ertakar and all that they possess.