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Cycles, is the working title for an in-progress comic series, takes place in the middle of the Universal timeline, after Pretorians and before Starship Lollipop

The story follows the progress of a young soldier, Talon, as she adapts to the life she's been given and the evolving conflict around her.


Cycles takes place on a planet called sytous, native planet of the Ertakar, over a century after the first contact and colonization of humans on the planet. The initial unrest after the conclusion of the first human/ertakar war, never truly settled, and the addition of the malformed subspecies Jal-Kar never truly subsided with time. The story takes place at the height of a new conflict related to that old war and the consequences of choices made at the time.



Talon - The primary protagonist and focus character for the majority of the story. Daughter of known berserker and old war hero, Tlakanok.

Esurda - General of the Teotkoa,

Jesuret - Major for the Teotkoa.

Siris - Lieutenant, Working under cover, presenting as a human.

Neijah -

Dorren -

Xiktali - Head Physician for the Teotkoa.


Jaisce - Pivotal driving force behind current day conflicts in the story. A Jal-Kar man, and leader of one of the larger groups in the current Ertakar/Human conflict.

Dameon - Former human diplomat, and adjacent leader to Jaisce's army, he was responsible for the murder and exposure of Tlakanok.

Side Characters

Tlakanok - While technically part of the Teotkoa, at the start of the comic she is deceased but is pivotal to the events in the story.

Meinje - Engineer

Desteka -


Sytous - Home planet of the Ertakar


The most prevalent theme of the story relates to choices made and their ramifications.