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Cycles, is the working title for an in-progress comic series

The story follows the progress of a young soldier, Talon, as she adapts to the life she's been given and the evolving conflict around her.


Cycles takes place on a planet called sytous, native planet of the Ertakar, over a century after the first contact and colonization of humans on the planet. The initial unrest after the conclusion of the first human/ertakar war, never truly settled, and the addition of the malformed subspecies Jal-Kar never truly subsided with time. The story takes place at the height of a


Talon - The primary protagonist and focus character for the majority of the story. Daughter of known berserker and old war hero, Tlakanok. Her mother's death and her own discovery, become the catalyst to the escalation of a slowly burning movement.

Jaisce - The primary protagonist and a pivotal driving force behind current day conflicts in the story. A Jal-Kar man, and leader of one of the larger groups in the Jal-Kar and Human

Esurda - Division General of the (local) government, and primary overseer of the Mutakar division.

Siris - Currently working under cover, presenting as a human.

Neijah - Speca





Dameon - Former human diplomat, and adjacent leader to Jaisce's army, he was responsible for the murder and exposure of Tlakanok.


Over-arching themes