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| fur        =  
| fur        =  
| feathers    =  
| feathers    =  
| height      = 6' (estimated)
| height      = 6'(182cm) (estimated)
| weight      =  
| weight      =  
| occupation  = Vigilante Super Hero
| occupation  = Vigilante Super Hero

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Full Name: Unknown
Gender: assumed female
Species: Unknown humanoid
Hair: n/a
Eyes: n/a
Skin: n/a
Height: 6'(182cm) (estimated)
Occupation: Vigilante Super Hero
Associates: Munin
Affiliations: n/a

Assumed by many to be a mercenary, she is actually in-fact, fancies herself as more of a Masked Superhero. And for all intents and purposes, she appears to keep up that image. Right down to having a secret identity no one can figure out, and being able to stop ne'er-do-wells single-handedly while appearing and disappearing out of seemingly nowhere.


Humanoid in form, bearing stylized power armor, with multiple different versions and variations suited for different environments or actions. Her height is taken at about 6ft but it's hard to determine if that's the suit or the person inside.

Little is known about the person under the suit, all records kept do not have any information about her species or physical attributes. The rare times she's seen outside of her suit, not that anyone would be able to identify her, she wears full covering clothing and face-obscuring instruments, as much as she can get away within the given environment. Even her forms of identification use different names and all of them surprisingly legal.


There are multiple unique accounts of interactions with her, giving a personality range from quiet and stoic to friendly and even 'giggly'. She's rarely around long enough in a given instance in public to get a true indication of what the extent of her personality is like. Of course, those that have lived through encounters with her have simply regarded her as terrifying.


As one would suspect by her lifestyle, she is particularly skilled in combat and espionage. For those that have lived through their encounters, her combat has been described as fast, efficient, and even elegant whereas others have described her as a brutal berserker.

She appears to have her hands in multiple channels of information and would need significant know-how in encryption and where to look, in order to scrape the amount of data she has. Rumors have it that she collects information, and she would need to considering her ability to thwart a non-trivial amount of kidnappings, heists, sieges, and a number of other dubious ops, without any direct tip-off.

Personal Life

Often classified as a mercenary or bounty hunter, most of her reported accounts of activity have been linked to 'do good-ing' or otherwise taking down persons, organizations, or actions of ill intent, making her more of a vigilante. Her skills are not 'for hire', she comes and goes as she pleases, does not take jobs but simply acts as and when needed. Those that have feared her interference have found no pattern or means of determining when or if she would be involved or not.

While most assume she lives a solitary life, it's been rumored by some that she has been occasionally seen with a tall cloaked figure. The interactions of the two together have often been brief or ill-fated for the viewer, so little is known about the companion and how close they interact.

She does have a life outside of her 'superhero' lifestyle, not that anyone even knows what it is.


Little is known about her past or even current state of events but she's been engaged in these vigilante activities under the identity of the name Daga for at least 30 years. They project that the age of the suit bearer, provided it hasn't changed hands, to be anywhere between 50-60. However, some believe the suit has changed hands at least once.

From what can be gathered, she does not work for hire, and rarely can be contacted at all for work. She has been reported to show up cases of another's distress, with seemingly no prior knowledge of the event. After assisting with the crisis, she leaves just as surprisingly as she arrived, with no payments made or out-right refusal of said payments if offered.

What is known, is that she has no home location, her only known place of living is her own starship. Additionally, she has clearance for every known star sector and planet, despite there being no record of her species or origin to be found. There have been several theories about this fact, but none can be proven to be true without the confirmation of certain high ranking Huayot officials.