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Full Name: Paul
Pronouns: he/him, she/her, xi/xir
Species: human
Hair: red orange
Eyes: blue green
Skin: pale
Height: 5'5"
Occupation: Gunner
Associates: Grace, Kitra, Rodgerick, Truda
Base: The Lollipop

Ship's gunner and the captain's nicer half


Short and somewhat broad, at about 5'5", messy reddish hair sometimes short but drawn back in a loose ponytail when long. Wears clothing that is comfortable and mobile first and foremost. Might not always be matching in color exactly, what's comfortable always takes priority.


Chill, laid back and tired, slow to anger, sometimes mistaken for lazy or distant. Takes a calculated approach to most anything and many times has her steps planned out long ahead. Observant despite seemingly not paying attention.

In the rare circumstances where she is moved to anger, it's a cold and sharp kind, not many threats, just direct action.


Very good at reading people in the sense of reading a situation in its totality and others will react to it, but not as good as Cap is at lie detection. Very proficient in weapon maintenance and the use of mounted turrets, chain guns, SMGs and pretty much any fully automatic weapon or energy based weapon. Also more nimble than one might expect.

Personal Life

While he's friendly with just about anyone, he only opens up to very few people, even then he doesn't open up that much.

He has an extremely picky pallet, usually eating only boxed meals, specific foods from certain eateries and pre-processed meats.