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Nathaniel Andrews

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Full Name: Nathaniel Andrews
Pronouns: he/him
Species: human
Hair: gray peppered brown
Skin: pale
Height: 5'7"
Occupation: Colonel


average build, short slightly gray peppered brown hair


For those that know Colonel Andrews in the service, he could be described as a 'no nonsense' sort of person. Humor if often not present in his speech and sarcasm is limited, even to the point where he often does not acknowledge jokes. Outside of his work he's more relaxed, more open to playful prodding though his humor can still be described as dried at best.

He prefers to keep his work life and personal life as separate as possible, despite the fact that his wife is also employed in the military. He sees this as a means of keeping himself focused and capable of making some of the more difficult decisions he could be faced with. Attempts to pull him into jokes or pranks while in the middle of work is often met with cold stares and dismissal.

Often when being met out of uniform the stark difference in his demeanor and even the way he holds himself can make him almost unrecognizable.


Personal Life

Has a Husband and Wife, 2 adopted children. Likes: Peanut Brittle, Building Model miniatures Dislikes: Cucumbers


From the time he was born, Nathaniel has been blind. It wasn't until his early teens he started on a program to help his sight. Using a government set program with the promise of his being involved in some form of government employment once out of school, the experimental procedure would be covered in full at no cost to himself or his family.

Over the subsequent years, the implants proved to be successful enough that his eyesight was on par with anyone else. Because of this, he decided to spend his required government employment in the service of the Istrese military. From then, what had originally been just a few years run, turned into a life-long career choice.