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Mahla Selfen

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Full Name: Mahla Selfen
Pronouns: any
Species: Flesh Golem


Being a flesh golem with human parts that decay and rot over time, Mahla has to replace the body over time. This can be done in small pieces or large chunks, depending on time and resources. Because of this their physical appearance is only the same for a few years or so.

On average, however, they tend to take a woman's form, as they find that has the greatest chance of ensnaring any sort of other pray needed for either new parts or food.


Being a few centuries old, Mahla is extremely sharp and cool headed. They've learned through the years that in order for the best chances of survival, a certain amount of patience is required.

They are a predator at heart, but they are by no means asocial. They have little desire for lasting companionship, but love fast paced club scenes as well as lively entertainment. Concerts, Clubs, Bars, Casinos, are their favorite forms of hangouts.


Personal Life

Likes: Clubs, Parties, Drugs, Raves, Hookah, Music Dislikes: Most animals, clothing that is difficult to remove or put on


A construct being of sorts, their original intent was not to last very long, giving them a body that would decay and permit them to die before they gained enough power or wisdom to prove a threat to their creators. And without any developed forensics at the time, they were the perfect cover to do the dirty work of the creator and die 'naturally' leaving the creator potentially free of risk of getting caught.

Mahla was one such being, used to server their creator for a brief period of time before they too died like any of the others. However, the creator was young and naive, and made the mistake of using parts that were a bit too old, cause Mahla to decay faster than the time needed for them to carry out the intended plan. Being cognitive during the process needed to replace a bad limb was enough for Mahla to learn what was required to replace decaying flesh, and prolong their life. And eventually, after the initial task was carried out, Mahla in turn killed their own creator and set out to find a life for themselves.