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Full Name: Coronym
Pronouns: she/her
Species: Keemex
Eyes: Lavender
Skin: Rose and White
Height: 9'(275 cm)

Lively, flashy predator, with a penchant for sport


Tall and lithe, build for fast quick kills. Her chitin is mostly a pale rose color with a slight sheen to it, with white flesh type parts and Lavender eyes. She always wears pale blue feathers over her antenna, to cover the fact that one of them is broken off entirely.

Coronym also owns several headdresses made of fur, feathers, spiders silk and other pieces. She loves ornamental presentation, and even more, she loves that she can still best her foes regardless of how flashy and bright she chooses to be.


Incredibly prideful about her skill, making her a sore loser. The loss of her antenna is, to her, a show of one such loss, so she uses ornamental feathers to hide the loss of the one antenna.


An extremely honed hunter, she's better at active combat than many other Mantid, as they have a predisposition for hiding and lashing out at their prey. Her experiences have led her to have far more knowledge of weaknesses Arachnids, Scorpids and birds might have.

Personal Life

Unlike many other mantid, she makes her 'living' hunting other hunters, preferring Arachnids, Scorpids, and Birds as her prey and food to other Keemex. She lives a solitary life, but travels frequently, to hunt for unique game and new experiences.